“Now Trump has gotten the bill from the voters

 “Now Trump has gotten the bill from the voters

Joe Biden has been confirmed as the new President of the USA. And with it the first female vice president in the history of the country. Our interview with political scientist Alexander Trechsel on this historic election.

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Tagelang hat die Zitterpartie nach der Schicksalswahl am Dienstag und der quälend langsamen Stimmenauszählung gedauert. Erst am Samstag ist klar, dass der 77-jährige Demokrat Joe Biden gewonnen hat. Und mit Biden Kamala Harris – sie wird die erste Vizepräsidentin der USA. 

For days the shaky game has lasted after Tuesday’s fateful election and the agonizingly slow counting of votes. Only on Saturday did it become clear that the 77-year-old Democrat Joe Biden had won. And with Biden Kamala Harris – she becomes the first female vice president of the USA.


Donald Trump war gerade auf seinem Golfclub in Virginia, als US-Medien das Ende seiner Präsidentschaft meldeten. Er anerkennt die Resultate nicht an. 

Donald Trump was just at his golf club in Virginia when US media reported the end of his presidency. He is not acknowledging the results.


«Auch wenn Trump und seine Anwälte vor Gericht ziehen und weitere Nachzählungen in den einzelnen Staaten verlangen werden - was ihr gutes Recht ist -, sie dürften damit wenig ausrichten können», sagt Politologe Alexander Trechsel. 

“Even if Trump and his lawyers go to court and demand further recounts in the individual states – which is their right – they are unlikely to be able to do much with it,” says political scientist Alexander Trechsel.

  • Donald Trump akzeptiert den Sieg von Joe Biden nicht. Can he tear something else?

  • Will Joe Biden as the new president unite the so few United Staes of America?

  • And: Do we see with the designated vice president Kamala Harris also the future US president?

  • Answers from political scientist Alexander Trechsel.

Herr Trechsel*, was war einzigartig an diesen Wahlen?

So ziemlich alles. The campaigns of both candidates were strongly influenced by the Corona pandemic – even the US president fell ill and a TV debate had to be cancelled. Then there were accusations that the elections had been “stolen” even before the election, something that had never happened before. And finally, the 2020 presidential elections took place in an extremely heated climate: There was major unrest with activists and armed militias in the streets. These were really extremely intense weeks of election campaigning.

Trump and his lawyers are unlikely to be able to do much”

Trump is fuming, refuses to acknowledge the result. Biden is not recognized in any state as the winner in the Swing States. In what way is he right?

Trump can twist and turn it any way he wants. But the minimum of 270 electoral votes went to Biden – even if some of the electoral votes determined are only based on extrapolations. In fact, Trump still seems far from acknowledging a victory of his challenger. Vor k

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