On Inauguration Day, America hits the reset button

 On Inauguration Day, America hits the reset button

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Inauguration Day is an aspirational time for Americans, a time to look ahead to the next four years and imagine new possibilities– no matter one’s politics. Offered the seriousness of the country’s crises, there is no scarcity of concepts. Today’s Display presents ” Dear Mr. President,” guidance from 10 popular thinkers for President Joe Biden.

On this day, it was specifically heartening to see politicians from both sides of the aisle seeing the swearing-in of President Biden on the steps of the Capitol. Just 2 weeks back, that exact same building was the scene of a deadly attack by a mob that sought, somehow, to block the president-elect from taking workplace.

Outbound Vice President Mike Pence participated in Mr. Biden’s inauguration. The guy he loyally served for four years did not. Today, now-ex-President Donald Trump flew to his house in Palm Beach, Florida, making him the very first outbound U.S. president to avoid his successor’s inauguration in 152 years. Former President Trump didn’t go

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