Op-Ed: Atlas Shrugged? The Tradition of Scott Atlas, MD

 Op-Ed: Atlas Shrugged? The Tradition of Scott Atlas, MD

Scott Atlas, MD, the radiologist picked by President Trump to recommend him on the COVID-19 pandemic, has now resigned from the administration. His tenure had actually been mired in debate. Atlas, an accomplished physician and health policy scholar, challenged the analysis given by many experts in the fields of contagious illness and public health. While some felt passionately that he was a voice of factor, others viewed him as a danger to the public’s health. What will be the tradition of his time in the White House?

The presidential advisory team, including Anthony Fauci, MD, of the National Institute of Allergy & Contagious Diseases (NIAID), suggested several restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19, including mask-wearing. The president sought out a kept in mind doctor who would concur that many limitations targeted at restricting and postponing the spread of the infection were not worth the violation on personal liberty, financial losses, and worries on the general public’s mental health.

Like Fauci, Scott Atlas is an accomplished physician-scientist, as well as a health policy specialist. His subsequent work as a senior fellow at the Hoover Organization of Stanford University, a respected conservative think tank, focused on health policy, and he recommended prior Republican governmental prospects on healthcare issues.

His tenure in the White House ended up being controversial. In September 2020, lots of Stanford physicians and researchers signed a letter vital of Atlas and his public comments. In mid-November, the university itself provided a declaration distancing itself from him. In November, the Stanford professors senate passed a resolution condemning Atlas’ comments, including his declaration that Michigan citizens ought to “increase up,” which lots of took as a promo of violence (in spite of his subsequent rejection). Was such controversy the inescapable result of his difficulties to the prevailing wisdom? It is an important question since science has actually typically benefited from those that challenged the air conditioning

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