Op-Ed: The Bitter Reality of USDA’s Sugar Standards

 Op-Ed: The Bitter Reality of USDA’s Sugar Standards

Dear President Joe Biden,

The suggestions for added sugar in the 2020-2025 USDA dietary standards— released under the Trump administration– follow the sugar market, the processed food market, and the money.

It is in the very best interest of Americans that you modify this choice by reducing the USDA guideline’s sugarcoated quota to less than 6%of total calories, from its present level of 10%, and offer Americans a battling chance at health. Reducing sugar usage is important to enhancing the health and efficiency of all Americans.

In an 835- page report written by a group of scholastic medical doctors, PhDs, and RDs on the USDA’s dietary guidelines advisory committee, the group explicitly stated that, offered “the clinical proof … the Committee recommends that less than 6%of energy from sugarcoated is more constant with a dietary pattern that is nutritionally adequate.”

The USDA overlooked this recommendation.

Note: Mr. Lipps is a lawyer, not a physician. Let’s not neglect the fact that, in the 5 years that the previous guidelines have actually remained in location (2015-2020), diabetes increased in the U.S. population from 30 million to 34 million Americans.

The suggested 4%drop in overall calories from sugarcoated (from 10%to 6%) might not appear like a lot, but it represents 20 grams of sugar per person, daily, which adds up to roughly 2,400,000,000,000– that’s two trillion four hundred billion– extra grams of sugar per year consumed in the U

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