Let’s face it: President Donald Trump has hit a rough patch. He continues to challenge his reelection loss regardless of no genuine evidence of citizen scams or other prevalent ballot mischief. COVID-19, which likely helped cost him the race, continues to run widespread throughout the country and has infected close allies such as chief of staff Mark Meadows and HUD Secretary Ben Carson Definitely Thanksgiving and its silly turkey pardoning event will be a welcome distraction this year, right?

Well, most likely not. Every year the turkey pardoning event advises the nation that the president can pardon turkeys, however his record of grace toward people inevitably turns up, too. Regrettably for Trump– who is now both impeached and a lame duck– this Thanksgiving will likely renew media speculation about whether he may pardon himself and others now that the voters and the Democratic Congress have little impact left over him.

In nearly 4 years, Trump has granted 28 pardons and commuted 16 sentences Clemency grants have actually gone to popular Republicans, such as ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio and conservative author and commentator Dinesh D’Souza. Presidential grace has been doled out to both celebs and those with Hollywood connections: Trump presented for a picture with social networks star Kim Kardashian, a popular advocate for Alice Marie Johnson (who got both a sentence commutation and, eventually, a pardon). He has awarded clemency to those who attract him through Fox News or common associates.

Several of Trump’s closest past partners remain in serious legal jeopardy Previous consultant Steve Bannon is charged with federal criminal activities for his activities related to financing a border wall. Previous campaign chair Paul Manafort was sentenced to 7 years in federal jail before being approved home release. Longtime Trump buddy Roger Stone was convicted of lying to Congress, and Trump has currently commuted (but not pardoned) his three-year prison term

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