Over 100 organisations ‘#PledgeforProgress’ towards gender equality

 Over 100 organisations ‘#PledgeforProgress’ towards gender equality

A collective of 114 organisations – spanning government, business, and civil society – committed to taking practical steps to tackle gender inequality and be the change to catalyse further action.

Gender equality is a shared global challenge and people of all genders have an important role to play to advance a gender-equal society. Women and girls represent half the world’s potential yet continue to be paid less, have fewer rights and only make up 24% of representatives in national parliaments. The International Labour Organisation estimates that at the current rate of progress it will take 75 years to make the principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’ a reality.

The Pledge for Progress aims to empower organisations and individuals to break down prevailing gender norms and, together, build a gender-equal society. Signatories to the Pledge have all committed to champion five key commitments:

  • Lead: using our platforms to amplify the voices of women leaders, within our organisations and beyond.
  • Represent: seeking gender diverse representation when hosting and participating in panels and round tables.
  • Embed: striving to include gender analysis in the design, implementation and evaluation of our activities.
  • Include: making our organisations great places for people of all genders to work and ensuring our internal policies fulfil that aim.
  • Mobilise: working as a collective of gender equality champions, and developing and sharing best practice to together implement this Pledge.

Some examples of commitments made under the Pledge for Progress include:

  • The Confederation of British Industry will ‘lead’ by empowering women business leaders through the UK-India Women’s Leadership Network

  • The University of Birmingham’s India Institute will ensure ‘representation’ for women researchers and scientists through fellowships

  • Fortis Healthcare will ‘embed’ polices to build a diverse talent pipeline

  • Vistara will ‘include’ through staff sensitisation programmes to create an inclusive workplace and work culture.


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