Panda Dome Premium review: Pricey AV for feature seekers

 Panda Dome Premium review: Pricey AV for feature seekers

Panda Dome Premium is a very expensive security suite with good protection and a ton of features.


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When you think about antivirus, you don’t tend to think about its appearance. Typically, your concern is that the AV works and isn’t too hard to figure out. With Panda Dome Premium, however, you can’t help but think about its looks.

Similar to Microsoft’s Bing homepage, Panda Dome features a beautiful background photo, with the interface elements placed on top of it. It’s an interesting alternative to the usual flat, primary-color AV interfaces, and might take getting used to. But the image doesn’t obscure any of the important parts of the UI.

That’s good, because Panda Dome Premium is chock-full of features, all of which get their own tile on the primary interface.

Of course, a ton of features comes with a higher price than most services. Panda Dome Premium costs $93 per year for a single device for new subscribers, with a regular price of $155 yearly. Panda’s 10-device subscription (a staple offering of AV) is $158 for the first year, with a regular price of $263. That’s far more expensive than other big name suites.

Note: This review is part of our best antivirus roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

pandadashboard IDG

Panda Dome Premium’s default view.


Earlier versions of Panda, such as Panda Gold Protection, tried to cram a lot of features into a tiled interface with multiple pages. In Panda Dome Premium, all of the main features are listed in a single scrolling list of iOS app-like icons. If a feature is active there’s an “ON” badge in the upper-right corner of its icon.


The first icon in the dashboard is Scan. Click that and a smaller window opens up with three options: Critical areas, Full scan, and Custom scan. The last two options are self-explanatory, while Critical areas scans memory, running processes, browser cookies, and other data for malware. It’s nice, easy, and straightforward.

Going back to the primary interface, the Antivirus icon is where you can see information about your latest scan, quarantined files, and scheduled scans.

Panda has also added an update manager that searches for updates to your apps and Windows itself. A number of other suites include a feature like this, but we’re not entirely convinced it’s necessary as most updates to Windows and apps are automated anyway.

Next up is PC cleanup, which oddly gets a place of prominence in Panda Dome. This is a common “extra” that top-level security suites have, with tools like a disk defragmenter, hard drive cleaner, and a startup apps manager. All of these features are either built in to Windows 10 or you can get them for free with a third-party utility, but if you want them all in one spot, Panda provides that.

Panda Dome Premium includes a VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth and 23 different country locations p


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