Police issue warning over ‘dangerous Halloween rideouts’

 Police issue warning over ‘dangerous Halloween rideouts’

Police have warned they will break up any attempt to stage ‘Halloween rideouts’ by biker gangs.

A dedicated team has been set up to intercept any attempt to repeat the mayhem caused in 2019.

Bikes will seized and possibly destroyed, say police.

Last year a petrol station in Wythenshawe was raided by 60 masked bikers on mopeds and off-road scramblers.

CCTV footage captured them dumping their bikes on the ground before running into the shop and looting the shelves.

At one point a biker stood in the shop doorway rolling drinks cans across the garage forecourt.

The raid took place at the 24-hour service station on Altrincham Road in Baguley at about 8.30pm on October 31 last year.

In a second incident last year 100 bikers caused chaos on the streets of south Manchester.

A large group of males on quad bikes, off road bikes,and scooters, weaved in and out of cars, cutting up vehicles at a set of traffic l

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