Policeman sacked after shooting dead unarmed black teenager

 Policeman sacked after shooting dead unarmed black teenager

A police officer in the United States has been fired after shooting a black couple inside an automobile – eliminating a 19- year-old male and injuring his sweetheart.

The Chicago officer shot dead Marcellis Stinnette and injured Tafara Williams after what authorities described as a traffic stop on Tuesday.

The officer – whose name has actually not been launched – committed “multiple policy and procedure offenses”, Waukegan cops chief Wayne Walles said.

Grandmother Sherrellis Stinnette joins demonstrators protesting the police shooting that left her grandson dead

Mr Stinnette’s grandma signs up with demonstrators after the shooting

Police said Ms Williams was driving and her partner was a passenger in an automobile which ran away after getting pulled over, before the automobile was later spotted by another officer.

After the second officer approached, the vehicle moved in reverse and the now-sacked officer opened fire on the couple, who have a child together, according to authorities.

No weapon was found in the automobile, po

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