President’s Twitter account: Biden must start from scratch as @POTUS

 President’s Twitter account: Biden must start from scratch as @POTUS

Joe Biden: Seine Regierung bekommt einige Accounts, die bisher das Trump-Team nutzt

Joe Biden: His administration gets some accounts previously used by Trump team

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Twitter plans to relaunch several key government accounts on20 January, including the White House presence @WhiteHouse as well as the account @POTUS, which is for the P citizen O f T he U nited S tates of America. This is reported by US media such as Bloomberg with reference to Joe Biden’s digital chief Rob Flaherty and declarations from Twitter

Until now, pass away accounts have been in the hands of the Trump administration.

The official government accounts are now to be transferred to the incoming US president Joe Biden in the course of his inauguration, which is how Twitter proceeded with the previous change of administration. However, Twitter’s previous strategy of zeroing out the accounts would be an about-face.

After the 2016 election and at the handover of office in early 2017, respectively, when various Twitter accounts transitioned from the Obama to the Trump administration,

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