Previous Trump authorities details “severe mistake” in COVID reaction

 Previous Trump authorities details “severe mistake” in COVID reaction

Former Trump deputy national security advisor Matt Pottinger states that it was a “severe error” for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to wait till April 2020 to recommend the American public to start wearing masks as a means to safeguard against the deadly coronavirus pandemic In an excerpt of an interview set to air on “Face the Country” this Sunday, Pottinger told moderator Margaret Brennan that the “mask mistake cost us a lot.”

” It was the one tool that was widely readily available, at least homemade, you know, cotton masks were extensively offered,” Pottinger stated. “It was the one reliable, extensively available tool that we had in the arsenal to deal with this … It was a severe misstep.”

As the pandemic started its fast spread across the United States in March of last year, crucial administration and COVID-19 job force officials openly encouraged against using masks, a suggestion that was partially based on the truth that hospitals faced extreme scarcities of individual protective equipment.

Pottinger relied on the government of Taiwan to protect a batch of masks that he distributed to White House medical staff and the national security team that reported to him. He stated the remainder was contributed to the national stockpile. The CDC did not release official guidance on mask wearing to the general public until April.

In a previous interview with “Face the Nation” last March, then- Cosmetic Surgeon General Jerome Adams told the program that “masks do not work for the public and preventing them from getting coronavirus.” Doctors Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergic Reaction

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