Prince Charles to urge UK and Germany to ‘reaffirm bond’

 Prince Charles to urge UK and Germany to ‘reaffirm bond’


The Prince of Wales has spoken of the “enduring connections” between the UK and Germany as negotiators prepare for post-Brexit trade talks continue.

Prince Charles said though politicians were discussing the “shape” of the countries’ relationship, their “fundamental bond” would remain strong.

His wife, Camilla, has joined him on their first official overseas visit since the start of the Covid pandemic.

Earlier, they attended a wreath-laying ceremony at a memorial in Berlin.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are the first members of the Royal Family to attend the ceremony at the Bundestag, the German parliament, in Berlin, marking the country’s National Day of Mourning for victims of war.

The prince told those gathered: “The United Kingdom has chosen a future outside the European Union, and the relationship between our countries is evolving once again.

“Its shape is a matter negotiated between our governments and its essence is defined by the enduring connections between our people.

“It is, therefore, my heartfelt belief that the fundamental bond between us will remain strong: we will always be friends, partners and allies.

“As our countries begin this new chapter in our long history, let us reaffirm our bond for the years ahead.”

The speech comes 75 years after the end of World War Two and as post-Brexit trade talks are reaching their crucial final stages.

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