Puerto Rico Still Without Government Three Weeks After Elections

 Puerto Rico Still Without Government Three Weeks After Elections

While on November 3 all eyes were on the U.S. elections, with a Donald Trump about to denounce fraud without providing any evidence, Puerto Rico – an “associate state” of the U.S. – was also going to the polls that day to elect a governor for the next four years, in addition to mayors and legislators. In the case of the Caribbean country, several political forces have denounced an alleged fraud due to the irregularities that occurred in the counting of the votes, to the point that on Wednesday the basic scrutiny was stopped, which definitively certifies who the official winners are

According to the preliminary result of the State Elections Commission (SEC) of Puerto Rico, the governing party candidate Pedro Pierluisi, of the conservative New Progressive Party (NPP), won the governorship in a close race after obtaining 32.9 votes over the opponent Carlos Delgado, of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP, center-right), who obtained 31.5 support. The difference between the two was less than 17,000 votes

These provisional figures represent a shift in the electoral support that these two majority parties have historically received. On the contrary, it is noteworthy that emerging political forces born in 2019 have achieved good results in these elections, such as the leftist Citizen’s Victory Movement (MVC), which achieved 14.2%, and the conservative, evangelical-leaning Proyecto Dignidad, which achieved 6.9 support. On the other hand, the Puerto Rican Independence Party achieved its best result in the last decades by getting 13.7 votes

However, just a few days after the citizens went to the polls, 174

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