Quiz: How well do you know these Halloween customs?

 Quiz: How well do you know these Halloween customs?

A 1833 painting by Daniel Maclise inspired by a Halloween celebration in Blarney.

Source: Wikimedia


The night lies caught betwixt our mortal existence and the spirit-filled Otherworld.

On this evening those who reside in this other world are most likely than ever to cross over into our own, and their intents are more likely for even worse than for better.

You finest take precautions to protect yourself against their dark beauties, while likewise benefiting from the occult powers this night might give you.

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Probably not. Let’s do a quiz, so, to keep you hectic.

We’re fond of sculpting a pumpkin or 2 around this time of year. What did we in Ireland sculpt and stick a candle in before we had access to pumpkins?



Absolutely nothing. Rather, we utilized our imagination and simply relaxed thinking about what it might be like to one day sculpt a pumpkin.

You used to be able to discover a lot more products in barmbrack than merely a ring. What would a pea represent?



You were going to develop into a huge pea at the stroke of midnight.

You were going to turn into a giant pea at the break of dawn the next morning.

You would not wed in the next year.

You ought to prepare yourself for health issue in the future.

It is too late. You are already a giant pea.

What might happen if you eat herring – either salt herring or raw herring bones, depending upon who you ask – prior to you go to sleep?



Your future partner will appear to you in a dream.

You would likely succeed at fishing that winter, when other food may be scarce.

Evil spirts will keep away from your house.

It’ll duplicate on you something terrible.

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