Rand Paul Misreads the Politics of Trump’s Senate Trial

 Rand Paul Misreads the Politics of Trump’s Senate Trial
Sen. Rand Paul( Chris Keane/Reuters)

Convicting the president and disallowing him from future office is the clearest way forward for the GOP.

R and Paul would like you to know that while he “didn’t concur with the [Capitol] battle that occurred” January 6, he does not think that President Trump– whose batty two-month crusade to encourage his advocates the election was taken served as the proximate cause of the “battle”– ought to be disqualified from holding workplace again in the future.

Language tends to be intemperate these days, however “I didn’t agree with the battle” errs in the opposite direction: It’s far too tame an action to the sickening display of January 6. Trump’s actions might not have actually satisfied the legal definition of incitement, but he tossed a match on kindling he had thoroughly put and completely soaked with kerosene. If Senator Paul has his way, obviously, Trump will suffer no effects whatsoever and reenter personal life as the heavy preferred to be the next Republican presidential nominee.

This is madness

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