Reconfinement: Bookstores are asking to be considered essential businesses

 Reconfinement: Bookstores are asking to be considered essential businesses

BOOKS – Will the Prime Minister give them a pass? While Jean Castex is due to give a press conference on Thursday 29 October, in the presence of the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot, to detail the latest arbitrations of the confinement, the bookshops are sounding the alarm.

In the same way as the food shops, those in the automobile, IT, health or daily life sectors, they are asking that their bookshops be considered as essential businesses to remain open.

“Reading books is an essential activity in our lives as citizens and individuals,” explains a press release signed by the Syndicat national de l’édition, the Conseil permanent des écrivains and the Syndicat national de la librairie française.

Avoiding “cultural isolation”

During the first lockdown, bookshops remained closed, “hurting the heart of the entire book trade,” the unions say. The professionals were not prepared for this”

Things have changed since then. “The local bookshops, which cover our entire territory, have become organised and equipped. They are perfectly able to welcome readers in the perspective of a new confinement, in safe and proven sanitary conditions”, the booksellers assure.

Joint press release @SLF_Librairie@cpecrivains@SNEedition “leave our #librairies open so that social confinement is not also cultural isolation” cc

– Jean Spiri (@jeanspiri) October 28, 2020

As the Christmas holidays approach, and the possibility of picking up a book ordered online on the spot (thanks to the “click and collect” system) would not be enough to meet readers’ expectations, booksellers are asking that their establishments remain open so that “social confinement is not also cultural isolation”.

An opinion shared by François Hollande. On Europe 1, the former president says he disapproves of the decision to close bookshops. “I think this provision needs to be reviewed,” he concedes. I was in a bookshop yesterday. It’s a place where health rules can be perfectly respected. But it’s a li

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