Reconfinement: Macron’s speech at 8:00 p.m. and his live announcements

 Reconfinement: Macron’s speech at 8:00 p.m. and his live announcements

COVID-19 – Like déjà vu. Emmanuel Macron announced as expected a reconfinement, this Wednesday 28 October at 8pm in a speech broadcast on TF1 and France 2. This is “the new stage” in France’s race against the exponential progression of the coronavirus epidemic. And this at a time when the president still judged it “disproportionate” two weeks ago.

Faced with the “sudden acceleration of the epidemic” which “overwhelms” Europe and France, the president unveiled the broad outlines of this new “adapted” containment “adapted” possibly renewable, which will last at least until December 1. It will be less strict than the one in March, since the crèches, schools, colleges and high schools will remain open

>> Find below and in the video at the top of this article Emmanuel Macron’s announcements on reconfinement:

20h23: End of the President’s speech

“We must hold together, by sticking together”, according to the President. Macron calls to “hold out until summer” while waiting for a vaccine, but says he still has “the hope of celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve with his family”.


️ “We must not give in to the poison of division” “We must hold out”, says Emmanuel Macron
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20h19: Reconfinement at least until 1 December

The Head of State added that containment would last at least until 1 December. “This containment will be adapted on three main points: schools will remain open, work can continue, Epahd and retirement homes can be visited,” he added.

20h17: “Mandatory rapid tests deployed for all arrivals” on the territory

Mandatory rapid tests” of Covid-19 will be deployed “for all arrivals” in “ports, airports” and “for international travel,” said Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday.

“No traveller should be able to enter European territory without being certain that he or she is not carrying the virus,” he added in a televised speech, adding that Europe’s internal borders “will remain open” and “with few exceptions, the external borders will remain closed”.

20h16: The system will be re-evaluated “every two weeks”

“Every two weeks we will take stock of the evolution of the epidemic, decide on additional measures if necessary and then assess whether we can ease certain constraints, in particular on trade,” the president said.



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