Republican split broadens as Donald Trump intervenes in celebration elections in Arizona

 Republican split broadens as Donald Trump intervenes in celebration elections in Arizona

Kelli Ward - Ross D Granklin/AP

Kelli Ward – Ross D Granklin/AP

The acrimonious split within Republican ranks widened over the weekend as Donald Trump made his venture back into politics, backing the re-election of a hard-line supporter as chair of the party in Arizona.

His wholehearted assistance for Kelli Ward was seen by allies as the previous president shooting a caution shot across the bows of any Republican senators considering backing his impeachment.

Underlining Mr Trump’s grip on the Republican grassroots, the Arizona celebration likewise voted to censure John McCain’s widow, Cindy, former senator Jeff Flake and governor Doug Ducey, who refused to back the former president’s claims of election scams.

Mr Trump’s intervention came in the middle of reports that he is considering setting up a “Patriot Celebration” which would spearhead primary difficulties to his opponents in the 2022 mid-term elections.

The previous president has actually already amassed a huge war chest with his Save America political action committee stating last month that it had raked in $2075 million in contributions.

Sam Nunberg, a former political advisor to Donald Trump, believes the “Patriot Celebration” would– like the Tea ceremony– work to get advocates chosen as Republican candidates.

” These are the people he will support in the primaries,” he told the Telegraph.

” The Arizona vote made it a fait accompli that he will not be founded guilty in this sham impeachment trial.

” It’s an indication that he still manages the primaries. This shows if you are a Republican and you vote found guilty Donald Trump and have a primary, you might as well retire.

” It’s a program of strength. Especially with Mitch McConnell coming out and

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