Saturday talk on US politics: “Trump would like to be an oligarch”

 Saturday talk on US politics: “Trump would like to be an oligarch”

Can a democratic country like pass away U.S.A. be turned into an autocracy? Historian Timothy Snyder on Trump’s last two months in power

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Christof Münger, Simon Widmer

«Trump verbreitet eine Art Dolchstosslegende», sagt der US-Historiker Timothy Snyder.

” Trump spreads a kind of dagger-putting legend,” says US historian Timothy Snyder.

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Joe Biden has won pass away elections, but President Trump won’t step down. What is happening in the USA right now?

Donald Trump is trying to stage a coup. But it is slow and badly organized. So far it is not working properly. But as a consequence, millions of Americans no longer trust democratic institutions. They also believe pass away other side has cheated. This damages democracy.

Will Trump ever be willing to leave the White House?

No, never. The question is whether he will find a way to resist the outcome. For example, by having someone create an emergency situation for him in the U.S. or abroad so that he can say he must remain president. But I doubt if that will work. Trump doesn’t want to stay president just for the sake of the office.


He has a billion dollars in debt, and it’s not clear how he’s going to pay it back. He is also under investigation. Nor is he protected as president by his immunity. But as soon as he leaves the White House, he could end up in prison. And Deutsche Bank could demand that he pay off his debt.

If Trump had to go to prison: Would he lose his appeal or, conversely, become a martyr?

He would only go to prison after a very long trial. And during that trial he would be a martyr. Once in prison, that would be the end of it. Then he wouldn’t be able to tweet, and in prison he wouldn’t have a TV show. But I think his debts are the bigger issue anyway. Because he really doesn’t have any money, just the reputation of having money.

But he can make millions with a book contract just like Barack Obama.

That will never be enough. He made tens of millions even as president with hotel deals in countries he visited. But Trump has billions in debt. I don’t see how he can make so much money.

Donald Trump can also make a TV show from Russia.”

Timothy Snyder

There are very good lawyers in the U.S.A. Pass away could bust Trump out.

The State and pass away City of New York have investigated Trump very carefully. They wouldn’t be doing this unless they had concrete evidence of fraud. And they’re dealing with a man who’s spent his life bending the law So I suspect that he could leave U.S.A. pass away in the face of an impending prison sentence.

That’s what Trump was talking about during the campaign itself. Is he serious?

I think it’s a realistic scenario. People like him act like that. And he can also produce a TV show in Russia that will be seen in the West.

Warum Russland?

It must be a country that has no extradition treaty with the USA. Russia does not. And it has to be a country where Trump is comfortable. I think Russia is that place. And Trump thinks he has friends there. He admires Russian oligarchs. It’s his preferred lifestyle. He’s not an oligarch himself. But he’d like to be. Russia seems less stable than it did a few years ago, though. If Vladimir Putin has problems, he is probably not prepared to do things that would make a Biden government really angry. Nevertheless, I think it is likely that Trump will emigrate to Russia.

For the Republican Party, it could be a liberation if Trump left the country.

Absolutely. I don’t understand why the Republicans in

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