Secret Base Reviews: Being a Bengals fan

 Secret Base Reviews: Being a Bengals fan

Whenever I meet a Bengals fan from Ohio and tell them that I am a Bengals fan from North Carolina, they ask, “fucking … why?” This offers me the chance to inform them a long story. My mother used to travel a lot and collect sports devices for me, because she understood I was into it. One day, she came home with a Bengals’ pennant. I fell for the orange and black helmet. What a fantastic colorway. What’s the worst than can take place?

My moms and dads weren’t diehard fans of any team in particular.

So it’s just me and the Bengals and … good lord what a roller rollercoaster. At this point I stopped composing and picked up some red white wine to just survive the rest of this post. Let’s get to it.

The Bengals are the NFL version of Sisyphus. Whenever you start to believe that hey, possibly this time will be different, that rock will always roll back down the hill. Everything that looks from another location like a breakthrough ultimately turns into yet another breaking point that you didn’t even understand that you had.

It begins

A year after getting that pennant from my mama, I took a seat to enjoy Carson Palmer and the Bengals against the Steelers in the 2006 Wild Card video game Other than not, due to the fact that Carson Palmer just threw one pass because he sustained among the most heartbreaking injuries I have actually ever seen in my life. There was nothing more debilitating than seeing Chris Henry catch a best pass from Palmer and have the video camera pan to # 9 pushing the ground agonizing in discomfort on his FIRST PASS EFFORT. Seeing on TELEVISION you could notice the air coming out of the stadium.

And of all groups for that to happen versus, it’s the fucking Steelers.

I’m avoiding the 2010 Wild Card video game versus the Jets, because I do not even keep in mind that one. Keep in mind the 2010-2011 season when we had Ocho Cinco and a 37- years of age Terrell Owens and went 4-12? Even AFTER THE POPCORN ALL SET REMIX. I HAD THIS SONG ON MY IPOD.

Andy Dalton

In a draft class that gave us A.J. Green we likewise got Andy Dalton. Dalton went one choice prior to Colin Kaepernick. I think about that one often. Not as a regret thing either way, but simply questioning if things would in fact be different.

To be fair, the Andy Dalton Bengals were quite excellent! Dalton was 70-61 -2 and if you take away the shitty post-2016 seasons he was 50-26 -1!

For some mysterious factor, whenever the lights shone brightest this group would lose in the most unexpected way possible. This happened so many times that even the component of surprise vanished. Welcome to the Primetime/Playoff Ben

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