Senate Republicans, too weak to found guilty Trump, must hope New York prosecutors lock him up

 Senate Republicans, too weak to found guilty Trump, must hope New York prosecutors lock him up

Forget about impeachment, Republicans who want Trumpism without Trump’s luggage must want his imprisonment

Donald Trump behind bars ( Picture illustration by Salon/Getty Images)

Now there’s a really genuine chance that examination can finally start in earnest, and Trump may in fact face real legal repercussions– can we even dream of prison?

Vance is a Democrat and Trump has latched on to that reality to paint the entire examination as a partisan witch hunt. Unsurprisingly, “political Witch Hunt” was his specific phrasing in a launched “declaration” that was really more of a diatribe from the Twitter-deprived ex-president. He likewise whined that this “is all Democrat-inspired in a completely Democrat place, New york city City and State, completely controlled and controlled by a greatly reported opponent of mine, Governor Andrew Cuomo,” even though Cuomo plays no part in the choices of federal, state or local district attorneys.

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It’s no wonder. If Republican leaders know what benefits them, they ought to desire absolutely nothing more than for Trump to go to jail, ideally for a long period of time. It would be the ideal option for the existing quandary facing the GOP. On one hand, they are addicted to Trump, depending on him for his much-ballyhooed “base” of cranks and conspiracy theorists. They also normally support his agenda of gutting democracy, even if a few of them balk at the violence of his techniques. On the other hand, there is no doubt that numerous in Republican leadership are fretted about Trump’s excesses and chaos— he did almost get his own vice president murdered, lest we forget– and would like Trump himself to be out of the photo.

Republicans, to put it simply, desire this T

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