She’s done it! Kamala Harris is America’s first female Vice President-elect

 She’s done it! Kamala Harris is America’s first female Vice President-elect

It is now clear that Kamala Harris, the first Indian American and Black American prospect on a United States presidential ticket, will be America’s next Vice President, capping a historical run for the nation’s second-highest office.

The Biden-Harris ticket is at 273 electoral votes against 214 for Trump-Pence.

Harris’ mighty accomplishment comes at a time when the United States President is rage tweeting as his hang on power slips away.

The Biden-Harris group understood the hammer would boil down either late Friday or Saturday at best and even had a phase ready in Wilmington, Delaware considering that the evening of November 5.

With countless votes still to be counted, the Biden-Harris ticket has actually received the most votes ever – more than 74 million – in the history of America’s elections.

Harris’ lightning quickly political rise and her victory marks a peak for women of colour in politics at a distressed time in American society.

Harris, 55, is a California senator, the child of a Jamaican daddy and an Indian mom. She is also a previous district attorney whose barbecuing of Trump’s appointees and unflappable cool has actually transported her to Democratic Celebration fame.

Harris won her first election in 2003 and ended up being San Francisco’s district attorney. In 2010, she became the first lady of colour to

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