Shooting in Vienna: Government speaks of Islamist horror

 Shooting in Vienna: Government speaks of Islamist horror

According to initial findings, Islamists are believed to be responsible for the attack in downtown Vienna. Four people died in the attack, and one suspected perpetrator was shot dead.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer has announced that the assassin killed in Vienna was an IS sympathizer.

Investigators had searched the suspect’s home for incriminating product. According to the Ministry of the Interior, several people were arrested in the vicinity of the suspected perpetrator.

“We cannot rule out at this time that there are other perpetrators,” said Nehammer. Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz spoke of an “odious terrorist attack”.

Four passers-by killed

Four passers-by were killed in the terrorist attack in Vienna city centre – two men and two women. One assassin was shot by police officers. 15 people were admitted to hospitals with serious injuries. Due to further police investigations, citizens were asked to avoid pass away downtown. The attack had started around 8pm in the Bermuda Triangle nightlife area,

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