SolarWinds case: Biden administration finally plans to confront Russia

 SolarWinds case: Biden administration finally plans to confront Russia


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  • SolarWinds case: Biden administration finally imagines confronting Russia

The arrival of Joe Biden at the head of the United States should transform diplomatic relations with Russia. The new President plans to sanction the cyber-spy campaign against the US Government, using software from SolarWinds. This position is already opposed to the chronic laissez-faire attitude of the Trump administration

Having been President of the United States for only two days, Joe Biden is already facing a tense diplomatic circumstance with Russia. On the one hand, the Washington Post reveals that as soon as he took office, he ordered the child administration to make an inventory of the damage caused by the big cyber-spy campaign discovered in December 2020, do not several branches of government have been victims. Hackers, affiliated to Russia by several US defence agencies, manipulated SolarWinds’ Orion software to infiltrate federal government computer systems

Joe Biden has just started his new job and will have to manage a highly critical cyber file.// Source: Gage Skidmore/CC

On the other hand, the new government is negotiating right now an extension of the nuclear truce treaty with Russia, which ends in two weeks’ time, on 5 February. Vladimir Putin’s camp has indicated its willingness to reach an agreement, but the possible failure of the negotiations could lead to a worrying arms build-up by the world’s two biggest nuclear powers .

After Trump’s passivity, Biden’s conflict?

The cyber part of this Russian queue has barely been dealt with by the outgoing administration, which is particularly passive towards Putin’s government. Several days after the discovery of the cyber attack against SolarWinds, Donald Trump denied all accusations against Russia, and pointed to China, without any evidence to support his pr

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