Star Trek style: find former president Donald Trump hidden among the ‘tribbles’ in the image [PHOTO]

 Star Trek style: find former president Donald Trump hidden among the ‘tribbles’ in the image [PHOTO]

In the midst of the crisis for the COVID-19 in the world, became the place that many have chosen to ‘forget’ reality for a few moments thanks to the This is the case, for example, of one of the most shared challenges in the networks today, and that we show you today in the note. Can you meet the next challenge? Go ahead, try your luck. Pay attention to the image and, remember, time is limited.

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What is the next viral challenge about? Well, it’s really as simple as having to look at your computer screen in search of a Donald Trump very well camouflaged. Now we challenge you to solve this challenge of finding the former president of the United States in less than 15 seconds. Hidden among dozens of ‘tribbles’, Trump could only be seen by a few geniuses in the image.

As you can see in the image below, the challenge is really not as basic as you may have thought. But come on, we trust you and believe in your abilities. Do you need more time? Go ahead, look for Trump, but try to hurry. Now, if you can’t find him, here’s the solution.


Below, we’ll show you the full picture of the challenge, which hides the ex-member you’ll have to find. Remember that your perception is very important, because it can play a trick on you. Take some time to breathe, look at the image, relax, concentrate and review it again before considering solving it in the time limit of no more d

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