Steam’s Halloween Sale has shown up with hundreds of spooky offers

 Steam’s Halloween Sale has shown up with hundreds of spooky offers
Creepy sales: Impressive and GOG have actually both launched their Halloween sales already, and now Steam is appearing to the celebration– albeit fashionably late. As one of the world’s most popular PC digital distribution platforms, though, “better late than never” certainly applies here. Beginning today and extending up to November 2, you can sink your teeth into hefty discount rates on a wide array of spooky games.

Though Steam does not have any special meta events going on this time– it’s most likely conserving those for the upcoming Winter Sale– it does have a new Halloween sale page that carefully looks like Steam’s main storefront. The crucial differences lie in the games you’ll discover there, as well as the general style.

In the background of the Sale page, you’ll see the ghostly visage of 2 specters, seemingly couple. The entire page swaps out Steam’s traditional blues and grays for sickly shades of green. All in all, it looks quite excellent, and thanks to some new Halloween-themed additions to Steam’s Points Store, you can keep a few of the creepy designs with you even after the sale ends, in the type of profile backgrounds, avatars, and more.

Blasphemous is equal parts revolting and intense.

Now, sin

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