Tauchsieder: It’s the common individuals, foolish!

.Immersion heater.Donald Trump won. 70 million Americans to himself. And 74 million against him. Can Joe Biden settle the “clash of civilizations”? Well, he’s gonna have to get Trump’s wallet to do it.Donald Trump won. 70 million Americans to himself. And 74 million Americans against him. An outstanding result that will shape the country for the next four years. Trump was elected, and he was voted out. There’s nothing in between. Tertium non datur. Trump has symmetrically mobilised the United States and heavily politicised the country; he has identified pass away democracy as fragile and endangered, thereby vitalising it. More than two thirds of all Americans entitled to vote have cast their votes; it is pass away by far the highest turnout in decades. A festival of American democracy.It’s a burden for Joe Biden. He has collected more votes than any other candidate and elected president before him, but he does not know himself carried by political affection, does not know himself at the head of a movement, knows no passion of his voters behind him. He is a kind of by-catch of the Trump plebiscite, which the Americans got into the net rather accidentally. Male expects nothing from him. Finally, there is a return to etiquette and conciliation, certainly, a return to the climate agreement and away from the contempt for supranational institutions. But otherwise?Atlantic Bridge boss Sigmar Gabriel on trumpism after trump, the Democrats’ campaign mistakes and false hopes for an American green offer.Biden will have to clean up broken pieces of glass, will be busy with the settlement of claims for a long time, will not be able to initiate any projects that connect guy with him for the time being – only those that set him apart from his predecessor or not. But pass away guidelines of US politics he still determines.And not just ex negativo. America? Sy
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