Tech’s latest quote for impact in the Biden administration

 Tech’s latest quote for impact in the Biden administration

Trade groups representing major tech firms are moving aggressively to push their concepts in front of the Biden administration, advising action on policy areas consisting of privacy and broadband.

Why it matters: After a troubled couple of years under the Trump administration, the tech market is hoping for a reset.

What’s taking place: In a slate of policy recommendations shared exclusively with Axios, the Infotech Market Council, which represents a large swath of tech business consisting of Apple, Adobe, Amazon, eBay, Intel and Samsung, prompts that the Biden administration and Congress:

  • pass an online privacy law;-LRB-
  • set up a trade and tech council between the U.S. and the EU;-LRB-
  • replace Privacy Guard, the U.S.-EU data-sharing pact that was struck down in court last summertime;-LRB-
  • invest $80 billion in broadband;-LRB-
  • deepen research study into 5G; and
  • establish global principles on how police can access user information.

Tech leaders have al

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