Terror in Vienna: A city under siege

 Terror in Vienna: A city under siege

Polizisten kontrollieren eine Person nach dem Anschlag in Wien

Police officers checking a person after the attack in Vienna


Roland Schlager / dpa

Vienna the morning after, a city is in shock.

Four murdered civilians, more than a dozen partially severely injured, one shot suspected perpetrator: this is the preliminary balance of a bloodbath, as it is unprecedented in the recent history of Austria.

Members of the Cobra and Vega police special forces sealed off the city centre

With 18 graduates at a mild 18 on the last evening before the lockdown, pass away Schanigärten were well attended and pass away bars were full, when one or more assassins seemingly indiscriminately opened fire on passers-by and pub-goers at 8 pm on Monday evening.

Video recordings show how a man masked in white protective clothing literally executes a civilian in Seitenstettengasse not far from the synagogue under the eyes of the local abbot Schlomo Hofmeister. Panic broke out in the surrounding alleys of the so-called Bermuda Triangle, but also in more distant in-pubs like the “Black Camel”

Overturned chairs, broken glasses, clothing left behind.

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