Terrorist attack in Vienna: raids on German Islamists

 Terrorist attack in Vienna: raids on German Islamists

He is considered a lone perpetrator, and yet the assassin of Vienna, Kujtim F., seems to have been well connected. In any case, traces of the man who killed four people and injured 23, some of them seriously, last Monday in Vienna’s inner city also lead to Germany.

Pass Away Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe wants to find out if pass away men had anything to do with the assassination. So far they are not being investigated. Proceedings initiated by the Federal Public Prosecutor General in connection with the attack in Vienna are still underway against unknown persons.

According to SPIEGEL information, the two Islamists from Osnabrück had visited Kujtim F. in his apartment in Austria for several days only in July. The meeting is said to have been noticed by Austrian authorities.

Islamist from the district of Pinneberg

According to information from SPIEGEL, the investigators in Schleswig-Holstein are targeting a person with the surname W. from the district of Pinneberg. He is said to have lived with his family in Vienna, but recently returned to Germany. The 22-year-old is already on file.

Two years ago, the Regional Court of Hamburg sentenced him to a suspended sentence for preparing a serious act of violence that endangered the state.

The man whose apartment is now occupied by

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