Terrorist attack in Vienna

 Terrorist attack in Vienna

Austria’s capital Vienna was shaken by a terrorist attack on Monday evening. The perpetrator shot at guests of a restaurant in the city centre. According to the Ministry of the Interior, there are no indications of other perpetrators. The attack claimed at least four lives and the assassin was also killed. Among the victims is also a German. All developments regarding the terrorist attack in Vienna in the News-Ticker.

  • IS-Terrorist militia claims attack in Vienna for itself (1902 hrs)
  • More controls at the border to Austria after attack in Vienna (1046 hrs)
  • Vienna attack: Perpetrator with passport from Austria and Northern Macedonia (1017 hrs)

Terrorist attack in Vienna: Police currently assume it was a single perpetrator

Wednesday, 4. November, 06.02 a.m.: After the terrorist attack in Vienna with at least four fatalities, investigations in Austria will continue on Wednesday. A central question is whether the IS sympathizer shot by the police at the scene of the crime acted alone. “Information is condensing considerably that it was a single perpetrator. Nevertheless, we have taken enormous security measures in public places”, said the head of the highest police authority, Franz Ruf, on Tuesday evening on ORF radio

After a feverish search for more perpetrators during the night of Tuesday, the Austrian authorities last assumed that there was only one assassin. However, they did not want to exclude further participants definitively, and they first wanted to further evaluate the extensive photographic material. In the hours following the attack, 14 people from the perpetrator’s entourage were provisionally arrested and 18 apartments were searched.

Mourning service in St. Stephen’s Cathedral after the attack in Vienna

2109 Uhr: After the terrorist attack in Vienna’s inner city with four dead and numerous injured, representatives of various religious communities in St. Stephen’s Cathedral commemorated the victims. The ecumenical service on Tuesday evening was conducted by Vienna’s Archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn. Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen attended the memorial service, as did Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and pass away other heads of state. Due to the tightened Corona regulations and strict security rules, only a few other mourners were present.

IS-Terrorist Militia claimed attack of Vienna for itself

1902 Uhr: The Terrorist Militia Islamic State (IS) claimed the attack in Vienna with four deaths and 22 partly seriously injured. A “soldier of the caliphate” has carried out a pass away attack with firearms and a knife and killed or injured about 30 people in the Austrian capital, among them also policemen, the IS announced on Tuesday on its platform Naschir News.

” Sad certainty”: Also a German among the dead

1714 Uhr: Among the victims of the attack in Vienna is also a German. This was announced by the Federal Foreign Office on Tuesday

The statement by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) states ” We now have the sad certainty that a German citizen is also among the victims of the attack in Vienna. Our sympathy and condolences go to her relatives and friends. We are united with the people of Vienna and the whole of Austria by the grief of pass away victims, but also by our determination to confront fanaticism and horror with all our might. We must now clearly show the perpetrators: you will never achieve your goal, the division of our society”

14 Arrests after the terrorist attack in Vienna

1506 Uhr: Pass Away Police in Austria have provisionally arrested 14 people from the environment of the shot assassin. This was announced by Interior Minister Karl Nehammer in the Austrian capital on Tuesday. A total of 18 apartments had been searched.

After the attack in Vienna – IMK head: terror wave to be feared

1324 Uhr: The chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers, Thuringia’s Interior Minister Georg Maier (SPD), fears a new wave of Islamist terrorism. “I am concerned that this could be just the beginning of a new wave,” Maier told the Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) on Tuesday. Also pass away recent attacks in France and Germany made “in a terrible way clear that the activities of Islamists are increasing again According to Maier, the pattern is similar: “Passers-by are being attacked indiscriminately in order to spread fear and terror among the population, which is unsettled by pass away pandemic” The SPD politician called for further intensification of activities to combat Islamist terrorism.

Fake WhatsApp messages warn of second terrorist attack Austria

1156 Uhr: Pass away Police Styria warns on Tuesday about false WhatsApp voice messages, pass away are in circulation. The message is about a “readiness message” because of another imminent terrorist attack in Graz. This is definitely a false report, writes pass away police .

Terrorist attack in Vienna: Only nine minutes after his first shots the IS terrorist was already kid

1057 Uhr: At 8:00 p.m. on Monday evening during the terrorist attack in Vienna’s inner city the alarm was triggered after the first shots – only nine minutes later one of the possibly several attackers was kid. Police officers of the special unit WEGA had shot the 20-year-old IS sympathiser. The “ Bild” newspaper reported on this chronological information.

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