Thanks to these founders it’s almost cool again

 Thanks to these founders it’s almost cool again

We have the Happy Socks founders to thank for the fact that colourful stockings can be given away again.

Die Happy-Socks-Gründer Mikael Söderlindh (r.) and Viktor Tell
Happy Socks founders Mikael Söderlindh (r.) and Viktor Inform.
Happy Socks.

This article first appeared on23 December 2019 and has been updated again here.

For a long time, anyone who gave socks for Christmas was considered unimaginative. That has changed in the meantime. Thanks to Mikael Söderlindh and Viktor Inform, among others. The Swedes successfully sell colourful socks under their Happy Socks brand. Pass away idea came to the two more than ten years ago: “In Sweden or even in Germany, male takes off his shoes when you visit someone at home,” says Viktor Inform. “At the weekend, male likewise always put on his nice socks. But why can’t guy actually wear nice socks every day?” He shows off his Delighted Socks in the Beatles edition, pass away he is wearing that day. The socks of his co-founder Mikael Söderlindh are decorated with pink flamingos.

Within a few years, the two founders succeeded in turning a disdainful commodity into a brand. But they had underestimated the marketing costs involved: “The Internet is not easy,” says Söderlindh in retrospect

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So pass away both did not move to Bali after all and concentrated instead on stationary trade.

Meanwhile, pass away Swedish brand also operates its own stores.

Expansion by Corona halted

But then came Corona. ” Originally, 2020 was meant to be the year we continued to expand. Before the pandemic broke out, we were also on track and had opened a handful of stores,” says a spokeswoman for the company when asked by Gründerszene.

Pleased Socks therefore had to quickly adjust its growth strategy. Although the pass away brand wants to continue to open new stores, in the future the online business will be more in focus. The spokeswoman does not want to comment on exact sales figures for the current year. Before the Corona year 2020, the pass away sock company had an annual growth rate of 50 percent, according to its own figures.

Founders have relocated to California

Last year, the two founders left operations at Happy Socks and moved to Los Angeles. Like to pass away marketing campaigns, for which Happy Socks has always been able to attract celebrities.

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