The election ends, white supremacy has actually currently won

 The election ends, white supremacy has actually currently won

As of the time of this writing, the outcome of the 2020 presidential election remains unsure. The Biden project remains positive that these impressive tallies will be sufficient to protect triumph.

Since he is a neo fascist American authoritarian, Donald Trump preemptively and wrongly revealed on Tuesday night that he won, and any tallies not yet counted in states where he is currently losing ought to be disqualified. Trump likewise said that he would go to the United States Supreme Court to stop votes from being counted previous Election Day.

Republican attorneys and other conservative experts on devoting vote-rigging, citizen suppression and electoral scams will now take the next action in their plot to keep Donald Trump in power.

The 2020 governmental election will perhaps be chosen by the Supreme Court where Donald Trump’s handpicked justices will follow through on their quid professional quo deal and provide him the presidency, contrary to the will of the American individuals.

What is really known with excellent certainty about the 2020 presidential election is that white supremacy and racism have been declared and not repudiated.

Regardless of hundreds of thousands of people dead in the United States from the coronavirus and Trump’s sabotage of the relief efforts, in addition to his cruelty, violence, 10s of countless lies, treasonous behavior and damage of the nation’s economy; despite the numerous thousands of brown and Black migrants and refugees held in his prisoner-of-war camp and other detention centers; regardless of his huge corruption, lawbreaking, racism, white supremacy, and nativism; regardless of his destruction of America’s and the world’s environment, consequently imperiling the survival of the mankind; despite being credibly implicated of rape and sexual assault by dozens of ladies; and in spite of his lack of knowledge, stupidity and general evil, Donald Trump remains remarkably popular in the United States.

Moreover, Donald Trump has the highest base level of assistance in the history of modern-day polling in the United States. His political cult members and other followers love Donald Trump precisely due to the fact that of how horrible he is and not regardless of it. It is a type of political sadism. Trumpism and America’s current version of conservative politics is a kind of political religio

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