The Election Might Be a Turning Point for QAnon Believers

 The Election Might Be a Turning Point for QAnon Believers

One of the central (and, frankly, more unbearable) tenets of improv is the principle of “yes, and”– essentially, agreeing to whatever your scene partner recommends and after that developing on it. The function of this is to free you approximately be as versatile and responsive to your partner’s recommendations as possible: If they develop, for instance, you’re at a pontoon boat salesmen’s convention in Akron, you must verify that and add that the ghost of Abraham Lincoln is likewise present which he remains in the market for a brand-new Sun Tracker.

Thinking in QAnon, the unwarranted conspiracy theory suggesting that President Donald Trump is lying in wait to bust up a deep state pedophile ring, is a bit like being excellent at improv. Over the past 24 hours, QAnon believers have actually discovered themselves in the position of having to state “yes, and” rather a bit.

In the wake of a turbulent election that progressively does not seem to be skewed in their favor– and with their preferred social platforms falling out beneath their feet– they are at a “actually significant inflection point for QAnon,” says Travis View, the cohost of the QAnon Anonymous podcast. “The mix of the social media bans and the defeat of Donald Trump is going to cause them to evolve in truly substantial methods.”

In the beginning, the basic sense among QAnon believers was that Trump would virtually sweep the election in a blowout, only to be required to come to terms with the reality that this would not hold true (sort of akin to the number of Democrats mistakenly thought Biden would win in a landslide, turning generally red states like Texas and Florida while doing so). To make matters worse, Q, the anonymous poster behind the puzzling “Q” drops, has been largely quiet during Electi

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