The Election No One Won

 The Election No One Won

A narrow Biden victory provides four years of gridlock– which’s the very best case scenario.

Joe Biden appears placed to win adequate battlefield states to put himself in the White House– possibly pending four weeks of courtroom brawling that Americans expected but desperately hoped to prevent.

The underwhelming Democratic efficiency in Home and Senate races integrate with, at best, a Biden nail-biter to produce an unfulfilling outcome. As things have turned out, the next two to 4 years assure to be a grind of squashing austerity, Hunter Biden investigations, and Mitch McConnell– led gridlock monitored by a president whose campaign highlighted that we must all simply get along once again.

That’s merely tough to get delighted about.

Biden is ill-equipped to manage established issues like police violence and economic inequality due to the fact that of his long track record of, and preference for

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