The funniest memes about Trump’s defeat

 The funniest memes about Trump’s defeat

Pass away Statue of Liberty is glad to see Trump gone. (Picture: Facebook/Literature Shop Paperback)


No sooner is the outcome of the presidential election known than the memes are not long in coming. At the expense of Donald Trump, of course.

Joe Biden wins pass away US presidential election, but Donald Trump remains stubborn and will not recognize pass away election. Meanwhile, painters on the net make fun of Donald Trump’s pass away vote.

Pass away Statue of Liberty is certainly glad he’s gone:

And the Trump memes began

— Adwoa Noella (@AdwoaNoella) November 7, 2020

Very mature, Donald, really:


Provide me your Trump losing the election memes!

— Zombie ✨ BLACK LIVES MATTER ✨ (@Zombie_GirlieTV) November 7, 2020

An artistic meme:

The best comment on the US election so far …

— Littlewisehen (@littlewisehen) November 7, 2020

Only fans of the video game “Among Us” understand this meme:

Among United States Trump losing
Memes the election

— Sam (@feelinglike_sam) November 7, 2020

Or how about a parody of the film classic “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”:

Twitter is flooded with Trump memes. This one is my favourite #ByeByeTrump #YOUREFIRED

— Kiran Kumar

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