The riddle of Trump’s relationship with Russia

 The riddle of Trump’s relationship with Russia

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(CNN) 4 years on, Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia is becoming even more of an impenetrable riddle.

Yet again, the US President appears to be working to more Moscow’s interests before those of his own nation. This weekend, he dismissed national security assistants’ assertions that Russia crafted the worst-ever cyber attack on US federal government servers, and tweeted without evidence that the hack could have been China’s work or a media fantasy.
A measured action to Russia’s supposed action might make sense if the United States were already engaged in its own covert retaliation. Outbound administrations typically try to prevent aggressive relocations that narrow choices for a successor White House– though that’s hardly been Trump’s M.O. so far.
Trump’s attempt at absolution by tweet is the most notable example of his deeply weird mindset towards Russia. He formerly sneered at assessments that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, which protectors framed as a defense of his own electoral victory’s authenticity. However this time, there’s no clear personal motive for him to protect Russia from hacking accusations.
Contrary to the White Home claim that no President has actually been tougher on Moscow than Trump, the President’s geopolitical relocations in the Middle East and Europe have typically appeared closer to Russia’s objectives than America’s own. He has constantly weakened NATO and only sanctioned Moscow when shamed into doing so by Congress and foreign allies.

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