The US federal government can’t use DJI drones

 The US federal government can’t use DJI drones


Teal’s Golden Eagle drone.|Image: Flir.

DJI might be associated with “drone,” however after the US Army, the Pentagon, and the Department of the Interior began banning and grounding Chinese models over spying fears, it produced a vacuum in the market for a drone the United States federal government might trust.
The US Department of Defense may currently be filling that hole. It simply concluded a program designed to find more palatable drones– one that really kicked off in November 2018, probably long prior to the stress with China boiled over.
Today, the DoD’s Defense Innovation Unit is announcing not one, not 2, but 5 such drones that have actually been checked, approved, and are now formally readily available for government usage– including two from formerly consumer-focused drone …

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