THE USA: Washington is dancing with joy after winning Biden

 THE USA: Washington is dancing with joy after winning Biden

Cheers, followed by the sound of the champagne corks and horns – that’s how Washington reacted to the media’s announcement of Democrat Joe Biden’s election win. In a city that is reluctant towards Donald Trump, people are dancing on the streets. The fun will continue until dawn.

In this year’s election Trump won only 5.2% of the vote in Washington (data from 90% of the commission). This result, if it continues, will mean progress anyway. Four years ago, the Republican received 4.1 percent of the vote in the District of Colombia. The city responded to his election defeat on Saturday with an outburst of enthusiasm.

The media announced Biden’s victory just before noon in downtown Washington responded with cheers from balconies and windows. A moment later, the sound of horns was heard in the streets. On a warm November day, a crowd of people walked the streets with dance moves, carrying bottles of champagne, banners and flags in their hands. The parade headed to the area around the White House. It was dominated by young people l

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