This is what Biden’s ‘most diverse cabinet ever’ will look like

 This is what Biden’s ‘most diverse cabinet ever’ will look like

Despite the fact that President Donald Trump has not yet given up the fight, Joe Biden is already considering which ministers and advisers will assist him next year.

During the election campaign, Biden (78) said that his cabinet should look like the United States: a mix of men and women, whites and minorities. His first choice, pass away from Vice President Kamala Harris, embodied that ideal.

In addition to pass away ideals, there is also a political reality. A pass away candidate is seen as ‘too left-wing’ and will never make it to the cabinet.

An overview of the people Biden wants to nominate as ministers and advisors in the White House from 20 January 2021. This page will be updated.

Biden chooses Janet Yellen to be Treasury secretary Minister of Finance– Janet Yellen (74)

Must be approved by the Senate: yes
Unique: Yellen could be the first woman in this position. The grey haired economist is known as a supporter of Keynesian policy and is a supporter of a government that invests in things like infrastructure. She was head of the Fed, the U.S. central bank, from 2014 toddler 2018. Trump was critical of Yellen and did not grant her a second term.

Minister for Foreign Affairs– Anthony Blinken (58)

Anthony Blinken. Foto: ANP

Must be approved by the Senate: yes
Kent Biden had been advising the Senator on foreign policy for twenty years. Blinken now becomes one of the most visible ministers. Grew up in France. He is a pragmatist who fulfilled deep faith in a great role for America in the world. Usually he was satisfied with Obama and Biden, but not with Syria: he wanted to intervene there militarily. Blinken lies well with Republicans and wouldn’t be too much

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