Tight Trump-Biden race for president down to count in 7 states

 Tight Trump-Biden race for president down to count in 7 states

Nov. 4 (UPI)– 7 states stayed too close to call Wednesday in the race for U.S. president, with neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden gathering the 270 electoral votes required for victory.

Biden was declared the winner of Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes by outlets including The New York Times. The Trump campaign was preparing to request a recount there, as well as file match to stop counting in Michigan.

” There have been reports of irregularities in numerous Wisconsin counties, which raise serious doubts about the credibility of the outcomes,” Trump project supervisor Bill Stepien said, though he decreased to offer evidence. “The president is well within the threshold to ask for a recount and we will instantly do so.”

The state put Biden’s electoral vote count at 237 to Trump’s213

7 states were unsure since midday Wednesday– Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina and Alaska.

Wisconsin law does not provide for an automated recount, however candidates may ask for one if the candidates are within 1%of the vote of each other. Some 3.24 million Wisconsin citizens cast ballots Tuesday.

Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s primary elections authorities, stated all votes– except for those by a town of 300 people– have been counted in the state, however they have actually yet to be completed.

” Now we’re in the crucial procedure of triple-checking the outcomes,” she said.Many votes were delegated count in the essential battleground states of Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan. A few of those are expected to come from Democratic-leaning cities and counties such as Pittsburgh, Detroit and Atlanta.

In Pennsylvania, with about 80%of votes counted, Trump leads by about 450,000 votes.

In Georgia, with 99%of votes counted, Trump leads by about 85,000 The president’s lead in North Carolina has to do with 76,000, with 100%counted.

Biden holds leads in Arizona, Nevada and Michigan, which carry a combined 33 electoral votes.

The slow process of counting tallies, especially early vote and mail tallies, was expected to shift the margins in Biden’s favor. Pennsylvania may not report big pieces of its outcomes for days since of an unusually large number of mail-in ballots driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stepien told press reporters Wednesday the president’s group stayed “positive on our path.”

” We are positive in our mathematics. We are viewing a few of these races as mathematics equations,” he stated.

Stepien mentioned tight races in Arizona and Pennsylvania, which he predicted Trump would win.

” Late-arriving votes cast closest to Election Day are t

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