Trade and containment: innovating and adapting

 Trade and containment: innovating and adapting
There’s a bad mood between the displays and between the shelves. The new constraints of confinement with the related closures of some small shops and some department stores are annoying everyone, except the big players in online commerce.In spite of the mess, the French, not least the young, have agreed to limit their freedoms. What a possibility, promoted by recalling that there was consent and not submission as some opportunistic politicians claim, or docility as some philosophers claim from the top of their Olympics. There is much more lucidity and citizenship than is commonly admitted among our fellow citizens.

The second confinement admits more derogations and, we are told, we have learned from the spring episode. So be it. The vast majority of French people adopt barrier gestures, wear masks and use hydroalcoholic gels. It had been claimed that wearing a mask was not part of our culture. No need to have a doctorate in anthropology to know that cultures can change quickly, especially if there is consent. In fact, some people have p

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