Trump avoids ‘ex-presidents club’– and the sensation is shared

 Trump avoids ‘ex-presidents club’– and the sensation is shared

WASHINGTON (AP)– It’s a club Donald Trump was never truly interested in signing up with and certainly not so quickly: the cadre of former commanders in chief who revere the presidency enough to put aside frequently bitter political distinctions and even join together in common cause.

Members of the ex-presidents club pose together for photos. They smile and pat each other on the back while milling around historic occasions, or sit somberly side by side at VIP funerals. They take on special projects together. They rarely criticize one another and tend to offer even fewer harsh words about their White Home successors.

Like so many other governmental traditions, however, this is one Trump seems likely to flout. Now that he’s left workplace, it’s tough to see him welcoming the magnificent, special club of living previous presidents.

” He sort of laughed at the really idea that he would be accepted in the presidents club,” said Kate Andersen Brower, who interviewed Trump in 2019 for her book “Team of 5: The Presidents’ Club in the Age of Trump.” “He was like, ‘I don’t think I’ll be accepted.'”

It’s equally clear that the club’s other members don’t much want him– at least for now.

Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton taped a three-minute video from Arlington National Cemetery after President Joe Biden’s inauguration today, applauding peaceful governmental succession as a core of American democracy. The section included no mention of Trump by name, but stood as a plain rebuke of his behavior because losing November’s election.

” I believe the fact that the 3 people are standing here, speaking about a serene transfer of power, talks to the institutio

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