Trump discovers himself separated in refusal to blame Russia for big cyberattack

 Trump discovers himself separated in refusal to blame Russia for big cyberattack

President Trump’s dismissive characterization of a massive cyberattack targeting multiple U.S. agencies drew pushback Sunday from legislators, cybersecurity professionals and the incoming Biden administration in the middle of growing concerns over the president’s rejection to acknowledge that Russia was likely behind the intrusions.

A month before President-elect Joe Biden takes workplace, Trump remains preoccupied with his falsehood-filled campaign to overturn the results of November’s election, and the president gave no indicator that the United States would seek to penalize those accountable for an unprecedented breach whose full scope was still being examined.

” Russia acted with impunity,” Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) stated on NBC’S “Satisfy journalism.” Romney, among just a handful of congressional Republican politicians to slam Trump’s conduct regarding the election, stated that “we’ve come to acknowledge that the president has a blind area when it pertains to Russia.”

Throughout his period, Trump has actually balked at regularly acknowledging that prior to the 2016 presidential vote, Russian hackers sought to help him and harm his opponent, Hillary Clinton. He has actually likewise been considerably deferential to Russian President Vladimir Putin, appearing to accept the autocratic leader’s word over that of U.S. intelligence agencies.

He also recommended China might be a culprit and continued his assault on the integrity of America’s election system by baselessly suggesting hackers might have targeted voting machines.

Trump’s comments were greatly criticized by Virginia Sen. Mark R. Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Warner, who has been br

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