Trump Iran Risk Will Not Divert From ‘Catastrophic’ COVID Record, Zarif States

 Trump Iran Risk Will Not Divert From ‘Catastrophic’ COVID Record, Zarif States

Iran’s foreign minister accused President Donald Trump of trying to sidetrack from America’s coronavirus crisis by threatening a war with Tehran, just weeks before he is due to leave workplace and be changed by President-Elect Joe Biden, who has actually pledged to re-engage with the Iranian regime after 4 years of tensions.

Trump has actually been turning the screws on Iran throughout the transition duration, doubling down on his “maximum pressure” campaign to cripple the nation’s economy and isolate the routine.

Observers have cautioned that Trump might take aggressive military action on Iran during his lame duck duration, and on Wednesday the president hinted that attacks on American interests by Iranian-backed militias in surrounding Iraq had opened the door for him to do so.

” Some friendly health guidance to Iran: If one American is eliminated, I will hold Iran responsible,” Trump composed. “Think it over.”

However Zarif tweeted late Wednesday claiming Trump was utilizing enduring stress in Iraq to divert attention far from his administration’s bungling of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., where the virus has up until now killed more than 326,000 individuals and infected more than 18.4 million.

” Putting your own citizens at risk abroad will not divert attention from disastrous failures in the house,” Zarif wrote.

The foreign minister– who routinely utilizes Twitter and other social media platforms to mock Trump and other Western leaders, although the websites are banned in Iran– posted screenshots of past Trump implicating Obama of trying to begin a war with Iran to distract from his domestic battles.

” In your own words,” Zarif composed, submitting screenshots consisting of one in which Trump declared: “In order to get chosen, @BarackObama will begin a war with Iran.”

Stress with Iran have actually stressed Trump’s presidency, and the 2 sides have actually come close to war numerous times throughout his term. Assassinations, sanctions, military pressure and diplomatic isolation have actually stopped working to require Tehran back to the table to renegotiate the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear deal from which Trump withdrew in 20

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