Trump lawyer previews ‘biblical’ lawsuit, targets Georgia first.

 Trump lawyer previews ‘biblical’ lawsuit, targets Georgia first.


President Donald Trump’s legal team attorney Powell (right) declares in an interview that a “biblical” election fraud lawsuit will be launched. (AP)

2020/11/22 20: 03

[Breaking News/Gazette] Sidney Powell, an attorney on President Donald Trump’s legal team, vowed in an interview that she would initiate a “Biblical” election. Fraud lawsuit alleges Dominion voting system and bribery by Georgia officials.

According to the conservative media outlet Newsmax , Powell said in an interview on the Newsmax News Channel show “The Count” that Trump’s legal team has so much evidence that it’s hard to file it all together, and if things go well, this week they will Get your case ready to file a lawsuit.

Powell’s allegations of election fraud in Georgia include:

1.Democrat candidate Joe Biden drove in 1.25 times the actual number of votes cast, and Trump drove in 0.75 times the actual number of votes cast.

2. The voting system algorithm gave the Democrats 35,000 more votes.

3. Voting machines were changed after the voting deadline to tamper with ballots.

4. Fraud has also occurred in past elections, including the Democratic primary in the 2016 presidential election, where Hillary Clinton defeated her opponent, Bernie Sanders, thanks to the Dominion voting system.

5. Local officials take bribes, and Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp may be involved by allowing use of the Dominion voting system.

Powell forewarns that their upcoming election fraud lawsuit will be “Biblical” (Biblical) and Georgia will be the first place they set it off.

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