Trump May Never Formally Concede-But He is Starting to Fade Away | Opinion

 Trump May Never Formally Concede-But He is Starting to Fade Away | Opinion

We are nearing three weeks since the election and President Trump has yet to accept the reality that he has lost. While it’s true he ran better than many pollsters predicted, it’s also the case that this election wasn’t particularly close, certainly not as measured against historically close contests of 1960, 1968, 1976 and of course 2000 that featured the Florida recount.

Trump won an historic 72 million votes. However, Biden won 78 million and virtually every vote was turned out by Trump-for and against him. Biden won 51 percent of the popular vote, a larger percentage than any Democrat since 1964, save Barack Obama‘s victory in 2008. Biden reestablished the “Blue Wall” by recapturing Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, all by larger margins than Trump’s wins in his “historic”-just ask him-victory four years ago. Biden also won the fast growing and increasingly diverse states of Georgia and Arizona, giving him 306 electoral votes, the exact number Trump won in 2016.

Trump’s gumshoe lawyers continue to file-and lose-lawsuits of little merit. Given the historically large election turnout amidst an ongoing pandemic, this election was remarkably well run and free of fraud. It is disheartening that the same people who attack athletes for dishonoring America by kneeling during the national anthem are all too quick to tarnish the crown jewel of America, namely free and fair democratic elections, by alleging widespread fraud where none exists.

But what is likely to happen is that slowly, silently, power will begin to slip away from the Commander

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