Trump Proves His Weakness by Not Pardoning Julian Assange

 Trump Proves His Weakness by Not Pardoning Julian Assange

Last-minute pardons were Trump’s best possibility to stick it to the deep state. Instead he caved to Washington interests.

As Donald Trump left Washington and his presidency on Wednesday, civil libertarian reporter Glenn Greenwald wrote, “Trump left the White House about as weak, cucked, and submissive as it’s possible for a grown adult to scuttle away.”

He was too kind.

There might not have been a more swamp-draining workout possible than pardoning Wikileaks creator Julian Assange and National Security Firm whistleblower Edward Snowden, something the president had stated he may do. As Assange languishes in poor health in a London jail and Snowden and his family remain in exile in Russia, Trump has been motivated for months by numerous prominent, anti-establishment conservatives and libertarians to release pardons to these men.

Assange “went to prison for telling the reality,” rumbled Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on the eve of Joe Biden’s inauguration. “Julian Assange informed you a lot about what the U.S. was doing abroad … Tonight, as one of his last acts as president, Donald Trump has the opportunity to make that right.”

He didn’t.

Assange’s fiancé even made a actual last-hour plea for her fan’s life. Snowden had said that if the president had just one pardon in him, it ought to go to Assange and not himself.

These are individuals with individual relationships and principled factors for doing whatever they might to save among the most important champions for liberty of the press of our time.

What did Trump do rather? He bowed down to Mitch McConnell.

Carlson kept in mind Tu

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