“Trump remains shadow president”: QAnon’s apocalyptic reckoning falls flat

 “Trump remains shadow president”: QAnon’s apocalyptic reckoning falls flat

Thursday,21 January 2021

” Trump Remains Shadow President” QAnon’s apocalyptic reckoning falls flat

By David Needy

The “storm” of QAnon conspiracy believers to arrest US President Biden fails to materialize. Some followers are losing faith, others think Trump continues to pull pass away strings in the background. Pass away realignment QAnons could still be dangerous.

” Trust the strategy”, trust the plan, it was said for years. Followers of the QAnon conspiracy myth eagerly awaited the day when now former U.S. President Donald Trump would orchestrate mass arrests, convene military tribunals and order executions of his enemies who worship Satan and sacrifice children. But at the moment of Joe Biden’s swearing-in as46 President of the United States, nothing happened: nothing. Pass away National Guard did not target the Democrat, Trump did not expose how the “deep state” had undermined him during his tenure. The prophesied “storm,” pass away apocalyptic reckoning, simply failed to materialize. For some conspiracy theorists, a world they had spun in their heads collapsed.

The disproven and discredited conspiracy myth QAnon has been circulating since 2017. In addition to claiming that Democrats and a Hollywood elite were involved in a global child-trafficking conspiracy, its adherents primarily believe that bureaucrats in Washington formed a “deep state.” This, they say, has quietly sought over the past four years to undermine Trump’s pass-away agenda and actively work against him.

Trump himself had fueled the allegations by refusing to publicly denounce QAnon on national television. Initially referred to as a cult, the belief in the conspiracy

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