Trump Should Pardon Assange, Keep Him From the ‘Hands of the Deep State’

 Trump Should Pardon Assange, Keep Him From the ‘Hands of the Deep State’

As one of his last acts as President, Donald Trump could impart one final gift for the Deep State he has spent the last four years railing against: he could pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. That is what Stella Morris, the fiancée of Australian citizen Julian Assange, suggested Wednesday night after a formal request for Assange’s pardon was filed with the White House this week.

“Show mercy” on Assange and pardon him, Morris said, and keep the Wikileaks founder from “falling into the hands of the Deep State.”

“Essentially once [Assange] gets to the U.S. he will be in the hands of the Deep State,” she told Fox News host Tucker Carlson Wednesday night. “That’s why I pleaded with the President to show the mercy the Deep State will not show Julian if he is extradited.”

Currently, Assange is in very poor health in prison in the United Kingdom. A U.K. judge will rule on January 4, 2021 whether Assange should be extradited to the U.S. where he would face charges under the Espionage Act for his publication of the Iraq and Afghanistan War Logs. If convicted, he could face a maximum sentence of 175 years for the “crime” of publishing.

The government alleges that Assange risked American lives by releasing hundreds of thousands of U.S. intelligence documents, including the publication of the rules of engagement in Iraq. The legal case does not involve Assange’s publication of the Democratic Party emails.

No evidence has ever surfaced to prove that Wikileaks’ publications actually caused the deaths of Americans serving overseas. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said in 2010 that such claims were “significantly overwrought.”

“Everyone agrees this is a terrible case” with profound impact on journalists and freedom of speech if the Trump administration continues forward with it, said Morris. “It is the end of the First Amendment,” she went on, if Assange is extradited and tried. Assange has argued that his prosecut

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